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Bypass Autodiscover for Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 forces you to use Autodiscover to configure your email account. This is all good when working with an organisation who is able to publish the external records for autodiscover, but can become an issue in certain environments where autodiscover is not available.

There are several methods you can use to try and trick Outlook into believing it is using autodiscover such as host file entries and SRV records, however the following has given me the best results:

Create the following registry key:


The registry path normally doesn’t exist and has to be created.

Create the following 4 entries under the RPC key:

  • ProxyServerFlags (DWORD)
    Corresponds to the “RPC/HTTP Connection Flags” policy
    Can have one of the following decimal values:
    • 0 (Not configured = Autodiscover)
    • 33 (Flags 1+5)
    • 35 (Flags 1+2+5)
    • 39 (Flags 1+2+3+5)
    • 41 (Flags 1+4+5)
    • 43 (Flags 1+2+4+5)
    • 47 (Flags 1+2+3+4+5)
  • ProxyAuthenticationService (DWORD)
    Corresponds to the “RPC Proxy Authentication Setting” policy
    Can have one of the following decimal values:
    • 1 (Basic Authentication)
    • 2 (NTLM)
    • 3 (Negotiate)
    • 4 (Certificate)
  • ProxyServerName (Expandable String Value)
    Corresponds to the “RPC Proxy Server Name” policy
    Your Outlook Anywhere host name. I.e. mail.fourthcoffee.com
  • ProxyServerPrincipalName (Expandable String Value)
    Corresponds to the “Only connect if Proxy Server certificate has this principal name” policy
    Your Outlook Anywhere principle name prefixed by msstd:
    I.e. msstd:mail.fourthcoffee.com​

I would be interested to know if the above helped you in any way.

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